Using Konftel for web and video conferencing

Tele-meetings are a simple and spontaneous way to conduct business. All you need is a phone. However, occasionally we may need to see one another or share documents. In these situations a Konftel-compatible web meeting service can be used. This combination provides a versatile and highly cost-effective solution with optimal sound quality.

Advantages of using Konftel for
web and video conferencing

• OmniSound® provides Wideband audio
• Combine or switch calls via the Internet and telephone network
• Recording capability
• Low investment cost
• Flexibility. Perfect for telephone, web and video conferencing

How to make a video call using Skype

Play this video and find out how to use the Konftel 300W with Skype to make a video call. Click on the play-icon to start the video. When the video has started, click on the enlarge-button in the bottom-right corner to view the video in full size.
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