Via the Antarctic to the Nobel Prize

The Konftel 300 played a discreet but key role in the presentation of the Nobel Prizes for physics, chemistry and economics in December 2009. This year the winners were notified of the awards via a Konftel 300. They were interviewed by radio and TV stations which were able to broadcast in real time via the conference phone and the PA systems in the assembly hall.
“It was sensational and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was enthusiastic in its praise of the sound quality. It went exactly according to plan,” says Roland Fredriksson, Media Producer at Stockholm University’s IT and Media Services Department, which was responsible for providing the sound technology for this international press conference. “The media greatly appreciated the superior quality of audio that was delivered over the phone.” 
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Unsolicited Konftel Testimonial

"I congratulate you on your model 300 with PA adaptor. Until I found this device, I was never able to give presentations of PC-based interactive videoconferences in a room with an existing PA system. Feedback and echo were always problematic. But at the recent Internet2 conference in Washington DC I was able to demonstrate 6 different PC video collaboration tools (Polycom CMA, RADVision ScopiaDesktop, Tandberg Movi, Vidyo desktop, Polycom PVX and Skype) with great success. I suspect the Konftel 300 with PA adaptor is the only system in the world that can do this. I learned of this device from the Vidyo web site. Well done! / Bob"
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More effective information from the school

“Our Konftel 300W has not just been a huge help in interpreting situations. The parents are very grateful when offered the opportunity to take part by phone when they cannot get to school”.

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