• 21
    03, 2017

    Konftel Unify Ready

    Our conference phones provide the perfect fit for the communication systems of the world’s leading manufacturers. With this certification, we are ensuring that our devices interact smoothly with the systems of major suppliers. Unify is one of the leading manufacturers of communications systems worldwide. Currently, the Konftel 300Wx with and without combination of Konftel IP […]

  • 20
    03, 2017

    Konftel 300IPx and Konftel Unite – The Art of Easiness

    The Konftel 300IPx and Konftel Unite mobile app together are making it radically easier for users to manage meetings. One click is all it takes to join a meeting. The long phone numbers, codes and commands that are sometimes associated with telephone conferences can leave users feeling stressed. The actual conference phone in the meeting […]

  • 20
    03, 2017

    Konftel 300IPx und Konftel Unite – The Art of Easiness

    Konftel 300IPx und die Smartphone-App Konftel Unite erleichtern die Organisation von Remote-Meetings. Ein Klick genügt und die Konferenz startet. Bei Telefonkonferenzen denken viele Anwender zunächst an Stress, verursacht durch komplizierte Einwahlnummern, Meeting-IDs und Bestätigungscodes. Zudem fühlen sich viele Anwender unsicher im Umgang mit dem Konferenztelefon auf dem Besprechungstisch. Mit dem neuen IP-Konferenztelefon Konftel 300IPx und […]

  • 17
    03, 2017

    Konftel and Huawei Get Together in Cloud Communications

    Businesses and organizations all over the world are moving their communication solutions to the cloud in a rapid pace. Some important drivers are the shift from CAPEX to OPEX expense models, pay-per-use for feature rich collaboration solutions including mobile support and the overall scalability and flexibility. The leading analyst firms predict a yearly growth between […]

  • 15
    02, 2017

    Successful Partners Behind 11% Growth for Konftel in 2016

    FY16 was a successful year for us here at Konftel, with an 11% growth in our global business. One of the key factors behind the success is our strong network of channel partners. The distributor partners who have been most successful and the fastest growing ones are now rewarded with the Konftel Award 2016. An […]

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